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'I just wanted to thank you for your newsletters and to let you know how helpful I find them. It is so great that you share your knowledge, training & enthusiasm. You are appreciated.
...wanted you to know that you are providing a wonderful service. Interval training was a new idea for me & one that I have embraced since your education thru your newsletter. It all is such good info. Thanks again.'



'Hey Jason... Just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed your newsletters, they are very informative and helpful. Also, I've been lifting weights like you said to, and doing interval training, and I'm already starting to see results. It's so awesome! I can't believe I've been doing it wrong all this time, what a waste.Keep up the good work!'

-Jenny Vutetakis
Dublin, OH


'Jason, thanks for the email information you send out periodically. I know I have not signed up for any of your classes, I prefer to workout at home. With a 4 year old and a newborn, it just makes it easier to stick to a workout schedule... I do enjoy reading the information you send out. It is very informative and helpful. I am always looking for new ways to my workouts or nutrition!'

-Jim Churski
Columbus, OH


'Hello Jason, I will say first and foremost, I always look forward to these news
letters for the knowledge and expertise you bring and for
your honesty. I am 5' 8", 215 lbs. and back in February I weighed
245 lbs. It was very hard for me to believe at
first when I read that the traditional cardio routines were
not the way to go if I wanted to maximize my weight loss, but you
backed up what you were saying with factual information and
so I believed.. So since then I have been eating right and working
out consistently (interval training with 30 to 60 secs
maximum rest in between sets) and have been fortunate enough to have
lost 30 lbs so far. My goal weight is 190 lbs and so I
have 25 more lbs to go. So thank you for what you are doing!!'

-Chris Robinson
Columbus, OH


'Since I could not get to any of your classes, I have been reading the email instructions and using some as they fit into my day I have lost 14 pounds 15 inches in total and when I work out I don’t even get out of breath. Protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and sensible dinner treadmill every day except Sat with some kettle bell and dumbbells'

-Kurt Schrumpf
Columbus, OH



Welcome to Yun Strength & Fitness Systems, LLC. My name is Jason Yun, and I am the head bootcamp instructor and personal trainer of this company. I offer a couple different services geared towards people looking to lose weight and look better naked.  If you're interested in achieving maximum fat loss then you have come to the right place!

I am based out of Columbus, OH and offer

There is a lot of information out there about fitness and nutrition, some good, some not so good. Problem is you probably don't have the time, or the patience, to sift through what's useful for you and your goals. Yun Strength and Fitness Systems will help simplify all the information out there and put it all together for you, to help you accomplish your fitness and weight loss goals.

The methods I use are not fancy. They will get you results. I GUARANTEE IT! You do not need a fancy gym with shiny new equipment to achieve a superb level of fitness. My bootcamp programs are taught out of martial arts studios, and my personal training is done at your home or office. My philosophy on training will work for athletes of elite status down to junior high, weekend warriors, out of shape moms or dads, or your everyday average Joe and Jane. My programs are designed around results oriented workouts, and will constantly keep you progressing and keep you injury free. I supply the programming-- you bring the body, effort, and will to succeed, and fitting into your skinny jeans won't be a problem in a very short time!

Browse through the different types of services offered. Fitness Boot Camps, Online Fitness Bootcamp, Columbus' first Metabolism Makeover Nutrition Bootcamp, Body Fat Testing, Workout Manuals, Personal Training, Personalized Program Design. If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to email me. RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED!


Video of Columbus Fitness Bootcamp Kettlebell & Resistance Bands

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